Single event shower unit Single event shower unit

Standalone Single Electric Shower

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Fully portable shower unit for outdoor locations.

32amp power source required, preferably via a generator.

Waste hose pipe supplied to allow the used 'grey' water to flow naturally into the surrounding earth.

Supply of running water on site means unlimited number of showers. However, 1000 litre / 250 gallon water bowser can be hired (at extra cost).

Product Features

  • Fully height adjustable shower head with integral soap tray
  • Privacy shower curtain
  • Corner vanity unit for storage of shampoo, soap and sponge
  • Acrylic mirror and towel rail

Product Dimensions

  • Depth 3' 10" / 1.22m
  • Width 3' 8" / 1.17m
  • Height 7' 6" / 2.32m